Self-Evaluation of ITE – 2021


Diversity and Health & Wellbeing – 8th June 2021

Self-Evaluation Framework of ITE – Report of the Second Symposium, Professor Christine Forde, Emerita (October 2021)
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1. “Where are we going?” – Professor Christine Forde

2. Keynote 1 – “Teacher Workforce Diversity – Does it Matter?” – Professor Rowena Arshad, University of Edinburgh

3. Keynote 2 – “Measuring Quality in Initial Teacher Education: 2020 Highlights – Professor Aileen Kennedy, University of Strathclyde

4. Workshop 1 – Delivery of Partnership – The University of Edinburgh – Moray House School of Education and Sport – Dr Kathleen Forbes

5. Workshop 2 – Health and Wellbeing post-pandemic considerations: Loss and Why Attachment Matters – University of Glasgow – Mary Lappin and Christine Hadfield

6. Workshop 3 – Health and Wellbeing: Pupil Voice and Participation – The University of Strathclyde – Monica Porciani

7. Workshop 4 – Turning to Gaze: Critical Conversations about racism, whiteness and allyship within ITE – University of West Scotland – Khadija Mohammed

8. Workshop 5 – Decolonising the ITE Curriculum at QMU – Queen Mother University – Dr Geetha Marcus


9. Workshop 6 – Diversity in Initial Teacher Education – University of Aberdeen – Dr John Mynott and Dr Liz Curtis

10. Workshop 7 – Developing capacity and awareness of mental health – University of Stirling – Dr Alison Hennessy and Dr Andrea Priestley

11. Workshop 8 – How Social Justice Underpins Effective Learning and Wellbeing and Diversity in ITE at the University of Dundee. – University of Dundee – Derek Robertson and Donna Dey

12. Workshop 9 – Developing Student Teachers’ skills in promoting social justice through the UN Sustainable Development Goals – University of Edinburgh – Colin McGill

13. Workshop 10 – Diversity, Textile Education, Home Economics, Curriculum 2021 – University of Highlands and Islands – Morag Redford

14. Workshop 11 – Diversifying the ITE Music Curriculum – Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – John Gormley and Moira Summers

15. Launch – Initial Teacher Education Autism Course Material

16. “Where have we been?” – Professor Christine Forde

Numeracy – 8th October 2019

Report of the Symposium: Self-Evaluation Framework for Initial Teacher Education Symposium – Professor Christine Forde, Emeritus University of Glasgow

Workshop Synopses: Self-Evaluation Framework for Initial Teacher Education Symposium

Education Scotland: Self-Evaluation Framework for Initial Teacher Education Symposium

Beyond Business As Usual: Rethinking teacher education for the Attainment Challenge – Catherine Doherty, Moyra Boland and Stephen Day for the SCDE

Quality Assurance and Enhancement in Higher Education – Professor Margery McMahon

Enhancing Student’ Mathematical Experiences in ITE Programmes – Dr Ismail O Zembat and Dr Cristina Mio (University of Glasgow)

Innovative Approaches to Teacher Education at Edinburgh Napier – Andrew Gallacher (Edinburgh Napier University)

The Future of ITE Numeracy Education at Queen Margaret University – Sandra Eady and Chris Green (Queen Margaret University)

Self-Evaluation of ITE Numeracy – June Pisaneschi and Jackie Marshall (University of Strathclyde)

Exploring Aspects of Numeracy Provision Within ITE Programmes – Louise Barrett (University of the West of Scotland)